You can make an impact. Running2Rescue is powered by volunteers and partners. Where a volunteer can be the hands and feet of this event, a partner can be the voice! Use your voice to spread the news. R2R needs you! Will you be our partner?


Fill out the form below to be a registered partner church/organization/individual to help spread the word and empower a movement!


  • Invite and encourage all the members of your church/organization to come to and participate in the Running 2 Rescue 2018 run and festival.
  • Pray for OneVoiceHome and the girls it will impact.


  • Be the official liaison between your church/organization and the R2R Team for communication.
  • Spread the word! Participation by sharing and being active on the Running2Rescue and OneVoiceHome social media pages helps spread our story. You can also arrange a pickup of info cards to handout to your friends, church, businesses and anyone else around you.
  • Sign up yourself or your Church/Organization by filling out the form below and clicking Submit!
  • In the event an emergency prevents you from meeting the responsibilities of the Church/Organization representative, you will pass the representative responsibilities on to another trusted member.

Please email to sign up!

Thank you! We look forward to seeing  you on June 1, 2019!