About R2R

Running2Rescue is a foot race, a fundraiser, and a movement.

It’s a tool to raise awareness about human trafficking.

The 2017 R2R event hosted 1,200 runners and walkers and raised over $159,692!

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Event Details

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About OneVo!ceHome

All R2R proceeds benefit OneVo!ceHome a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization

OneVoiceHome is designed to be a faith-based, state-licensed therapeutic home for minor victims of sex trafficking. There are few places in our state and in our nation where underage victims can receive long-term services towards their healing and restorations.


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The Need is Great

Every 30 seconds, someone becomes a victim of human trafficking. Since the fall of 2015, we've had over 125 victims present in Lubbock, most of whom indicated they were trafficked as a child. In 2016, Voice of Hope reported 55 human trafficking victims, with 24% being children. There a so few places for us to place young girls who need to recover from their trauma of being bought and sold for sex.


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Human trafficking generates up to $150 billion per year in illegal profits and is one of the fastest growing crimes in the world.